McCord Family Groups

The Clan McCord organized known McCord families into groups based on the oldest known McCord ancestor for each group. This systems is a convenient, although a confusing way to identify the McCord families. If you do not know your group, it may take doing some genealogy to determine which one you are in.

If you know the Family Group you are looking for, simply append an # and your group to the end of the URL in your browser with no added spaces. For example if you are looking for GroupID  MM your would simply appemd #MM at the end of the URL in your browser and hit Enter.

After this was originally put together, additional family lines have become known and other groups have found common ancestors. There are also notes that have been added by someone unknown to me. Some remarks are marked "Resolved" while others have simply been added at the end of a paragraph with or without a question mark.

This information was originally on The McCord Family Association web site but it is no longer located there.

Family A

David McCord Son of David McCord of Derry “the Weaver”, believed one of the Sons of William the Immigrant. David McCord, the Weaver, had a plantation in Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. Indians killed him and his wife on 4 April 1758. The Indians captured four of David the Weaver’s children, David (A), James (Y), Jean and Margaret; they were released a year and a half later. John McCord, son of David, was in the barn feeding the horses; the Indians did not find him. William, another son of David, outran the Indians. Several of the children went with their Uncle John (The Shepard) to Virginia on to North Carolina. David McCord went to Virginia and then settled in Washington Co., Tennessee. He moved to Williamson Co. Tennessee in 1809. Many McCord’s in Rutherford, Marshall, Maury, Williamson and Davidson Co, Tennessee; several descendants moved to Christian Co. KY. Some of them moved on to Bond Co and Washington Co, Illinois. Another group of McCord’s moved to Northern Arkansas, (Lawrence, Independence and Sharpe Counties). Several McCords in Southern Missouri are descendants. There may be a Robert in this group?

Resolve: the children William’s Fort. Currently appears they are combined with David’s Children? Some comments that there being two Williams in Mecklenburg County Virginia possibly explained?

Family B.          Born about 1716 in Ireland. (Sadly, civilian manned fortifications did not survive as well as Government manned forts.) He is also presently considered one the sons of William the Immigrant born about 1680. He is also believed to be brother to David the “Weaver” (who was of Derry. PA and to John, “The Shepherd” who took the Orphaned McCord children to Mecklenburg County, Virginia. He settled in Pennsylvania. William had 3 sons, David, Robert and James. The boys moved to Mecklenburg Co., N.C. David married Ann Shipley and moved to Madison Co. KY; descendants live in Knox Co. Indiana also. William McCord, son of James, settled in Henry Co. Tennessee. His descendants have settled throughout West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, Southwestern Kentucky and Southeastern Missouri. Descendants of Robert McCord moved to Bond Co., Il. Research by Jean McCord indicated that some of William’s sons went to Virginia. But the best guess is they went to Johannes McCord’s home on Moorman River in Virginia

*McCord Fort as it was named is described in detail in C. Hal. Sipes, “Forts of Pennsylvania ”written for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania- many reprints. It is also mentioned in his other books; Indians of and Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania, all recommended reading. Explains it well.

Family C     Are descendants of John McCord of Mecklenburg Co., son of David of Derry, also known as the “Weaver” He was the “Luckey” son who was feeding the horses in the barn and thus escaped notice by the Indians that killed his parents? This makes him the grandson of William the Immigrant and nephew to William of the Fort family “B” and his brother James “J.” Luckey John is brother to David McCord “A” and James McCord Sr. “Y.” Another brother is William who with fleetness of foot outran the Indians. Luckey John settled and stayed in Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina. Some descendants still live there. His son David moved to Greene Co. Tennessee. His son James stayed there. Other children moved to Edgar and Moultrie Co.

Family D.    Family “D” has been going through an intense research and the current belief and findings by this family group and generally agreed to and the “D” family wants it open to challenge as well as contributing information, with our archivist concurrence and as written for Dr. Tom Hill by Kathy Coberly. Assisted by Franklin Otto McCord of Iowa Falls, IA: Family “D” presently starts with Robert [Robin] McCord, listed by the common nickname for Robert, “Robin”. He was an Ulster Scot (Scots-Irish) born in 1710 in Ireland. He immigrated to Lancaster Co., PA in 1743/45 and moved to Mecklenburg, North Carolina. He was a Colonial soldier who died July 18th, 1801. He is buried in Steele Creek Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., NC. Robin had four sons, two of who are thought to have been lost during the Revolutionary War, Robert McCord Jr. and John. John seems to have lasted longer and there were at least three daughters and one son of whom nothing as yet known. John resided in Mecklenburg N.C.; a son was born in Illinois, but descendants are found in Tennessee. Researchers found of importance that John went by the name “Patrick” during the Revolutionary War. James McCord who served the entire war as a Wagon-Master General is also known to have served George Washington directly. James was one of the sons who was born in Stewartstown, Ireland in 1741 who came here with his father whose descendants end up in Spring Creek, Overton Co., Tennessee and Illinois.

Family E.    John McCord (JOB) of Bedford County, Family E - Family descends from John McCord of Bedford County Virginia (JOB) who was the son of William of the Fort (WOF), the brother of David of Derry “Weaver” and James “Family J”. John McCord was born about 1735 in Pennsylvania. He lived first in Pennsylvania; then Bedford County, Virginia; then Lincoln County, North Carolina, finally moving to Oglethorpe Co. Georgia in the 1790's. John had five sons, William, John, Robert, David and Abraham. William McCords family lived in Autauga and other counties in Alabama. John married in Lincoln County North Carolina and moved into Richmond and Lincoln County Georgia. Robert and David migrated from Georgia and into Maury County Tennessee, ending up in Bond County Illinois. Abraham died in 1799 in Jackson County Georgia, leaving a wife, two daughters and a son.

Family E is so large now it has been divided into 5 branches as follows:

  • E1 (descendants of eldest son William),
  • E2 - (descendants of son Robert),
  • Family E3 descendants of son John),
  • E4 - (descendants of son David) and
  • E5 - (descendants of son Abraham).

This change will in time be reflected in the E family archives; Don McCord of Tennessee Sends.

Family F     Samuel J. McCord was born 1808 in New York. In 1850 he lived in Stueben Co. NY. His son, Abraham W. McCord born 1833 moved to Knox Co. Indiana by 1892

Family G     John McCordy b. about 1770 (Scotland). Son, John MacCordy b. Canada. Migrated to Missouri. Other McCordy’ s found early PA and Iowa probably an earlier branch.

Family H     Arthur McCord b. 1706. He lived in Winchester, Virginia. His son William moved to Knox Co. Indiana. Descendants lived in the general area of Knox Co. Indiana. His son, George McCord lived in Fredrick Co. VA; descendants lived in Fredrick Co. VA. Other descendants lived in Parker and Dallas Co. Texas and Cumberland Co. Illinois.

Family I      David McCord of Armagh, Ireland, died 1718. His grandson John came to South Carolina in 1740. New York or PA Unknown. Descendants lived in Orangeburg Co., Richland Co., South Carolina. Other descendants lived in Dallas, Lowness and Autauga Co. Alabama. Descendant Henry Junious McCord, b. 1833 South Carolina lived in Sebastian Co. Arkansas. Descendants live in Alabama, Texas, and Brazil.

Family J      James McCord, son of William McCord the Immigrant and brother to William of the Fort “B” came from Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania to Mecklenburg Co. N.C. in 1767. In 1772 he was living in Granville Co. S.C. then to Lauren Co. S.C. His son James died 1816 in Clark Co. Georgia. Descendants lived in Walton, Columbia, Gwinnet, Thomas, Brooks Upson, Berrien, Fulton Co. Georgia. Descendants also live in Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. Frieda Robason family AO says she ties to family J.

Family K     Samuel McCord was born about 1790 NC. Origins and Father Unknown. He died in 1827 in Newberry Co. S.C. His son, John b. 1820 in S.C. was in Tippet County, Mississippi in 1860 and in Lee County, Texas in 1900.

Family L     Shelly Sanford McCord died 1907. He had three sons, Gabriel, Morris, Durwood, and Lester, born in Emanuel Co. Georgia. Descendants live in Macon and Savannah, Georgia.

Family M    James McCord, b. 1750, died in York Co. S.C. in 1794. Father and Port of entry unknown He served in the Revolutionary War. James, son of James, lived in Calloway, KY but later moved to Hickman Co. Tennessee where his brother William settled. Descendants live in Hickman Co. Tennessee and counties in Tennessee to the west and also in southwest Kentucky. Some descendants live in Williamson and Davidson Co. Tenn.

Family N     William McCord, b. 1755 Orange Co. VA, died 1798 Abbeville, S.C. His wife was Catherine Pressley. Several descendants carry the Presley name. He had at least three sons, maybe more children; they were Wm. Pressley, John P and L.C. John P. McCord moved to Pontotoc Co. Mississippi then to Yalobrusha Co. Miss; then to Rusk Co. Texas. William Pressley McCord was in Lafayette, Miss in 1850 and in Rusk Co. Texas in 1860. This family may be related to Family Z.

Family O     Alexander McCord b. 1810 New York. He was left an orphan at an early age. He went to Canada, then Randolph Co. Missouri. He served in the Mexican War and went as far west as California. He lived in Harlan, Shelby Co. Iowa. Descendants lived in Crawford, Freemont, Harrison Co. Iowa. Descendants also live in Cameron, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska.

Family P     William McCord b. 1748 Ireland. He served in the Revolutionary War. He lived in Allegheny, Beaver, and Washington Co. Pennsylvania. His son James lived in Beaver Co. and Westmoreland Co. PA. James McCord's son, William Davidson McCord, moved to Woodford Co. Illinois and then to Saunders Co. Nebraska.

Family Q     Thomas McCord, born 1740 left Donegal, Ireland after Nov. 1, 1772. He settled in Mifflin Co. PA. He served in the Revolutionary War. Thomas McCord Jr. had three boys and five girls. His sons Thomas, James and John stayed in Pennsylvania. Descendants have moved to McLean Co. Illinois, LaPort Co. Indiana and Douglas Co. Illinois.

Family R     John McCord (Sr.) of West Hanover Twp, Dauphin Co., formally Lancaster PA. Some or all the children were believed born on the farm named Mount Hope. (Naming of farms or plantations was the custom in Ireland and Scotland.) One son is Robert McCord, “R” Cabinetmaker and Teacher, his wife Rachel Ellen English a 3rd Generation American in 1740’s from Perry Co. Pa. Based on land deed, both jointly owned land at Mt. Hope. Brother John (Jr) later took possession of Mt. Hope and sister Mary are both of family “SS.” William of Toyboyne who was “CC”, considered the oldest is also born in West Hanover Twp. Dauphin Co. PA is now highly probable a brother. Another brother is Samuel but which one of the currently uncharted Samuel’s? Robert; “Cabinet-maker and Teacher”, Sojourned in Huntington twp, Westmoreland Co., while waiting for land in Mercer County where he moved to in 1798 and stayed. All descendants moved across middle and northern America. Robert’s lived in Erie &Huron Co. Ohio, Warren Co. Indiana; Marion Co. Arkansas, Iowa and Grant Co. Wisconsin and Douglas and Baker Counties, Oregon; Alameda Co., Kern and, King Co. CA; Lee, Des Moines, Marshall and Blackhawk Counties, Iowa; Kansas City border area. John McCord Jr. went first to Warren and Preble Counties OH with descendants also moving through the Des Moines and Lee Counties IA to the Kansas City area then to Kern and Kings Counties area of California. William of Toyboyne descendants went to Erie Co., PA, none may have not stayed Mercer Co., but later descendants soon caught up with their cousins. Robert and William’s children waited in Westmoreland County area of Pittsburg until 1798 to move up the Pittsburg Trail. May have moved together for protection. Nothing recorded found. What little we know of sister Mary’s descendants they are found along the same routes.

Family S      James McCord b. 1827 Ireland. Entry or other family unknown. He settled in Ohio before 1852; then he moved and settled in Clinton Co. Indiana. Descendants live in Tippecanoe Co., Carroll Co., and Adams Co. Indiana.

Family T     James McCord b. 1735 Ireland. Four of his sons came to America in 1780 and settled in Succasunna, New Jersey. Descendants of John McCord settled in Monongahela Co. West Virginia. Descendants settled in Tazewell Co. Illinois, Morristown, New Jersey; Delaware Co. Indiana; Baltimore, Maryland, Napa Co. California.

Family U     Robert McCord b. 1822 Ireland. By 1861 he was living in Mahaska Co. Iowa where his son Robert was born. Robert’s son lived in Des Moines, Polk Co. Iowa.

Family V     John McCord b.12-29-1747 Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland. He came to America July 6, 1774. and settled in Ulster Co., NY. In 1776 he served as a private in New York Militia in American Revolutionary War (Company of Captain Drake, Regiment of Col. Palmer) and was stationed at Fort Montgomery building the Fort Rigging). He was in skirmish at Haverstraw in the Company of Capt. Robinson. He served in the line for 18.5 months. He mentioned he had 18 children; we can account for only 17. Possibility - Ida might have died in childbirth with that child. The headstone for John McCord at the Brunswick Rural Cemetery. in Shawangunk, NY was received from the government and placed there thru the efforts of John's great, great, great grandson and wife Gilbert B. & Patricia McCord. John's son Thomas McCord bought suit against the lawyers and administrator of John's estate. A long legal action resulted; the court finally ruled in Thomas's favor. The Will mentions: James living in Delaware in 1837. Mary a widow at time of father's death. Robert moved to Virginia and died before 1837. Lee living in Ohio. Kesiah not mentioned in Will. William living in Ohio. Andrew living in Wawarsing, NY. Also mentioned Jane Heins (wife of George) of Pennsylvania, Nancy Carney (wife of Matthew) of Ind. -- Might be the 2 girls above -- might be Kesiah and Agnes. Christiana McCord b. 10-4-1814 md. Joseph Ronk. She moved to Huron Co, Ohio, then to Michigan. She is buried St. Louis Cemetery, St. Louis, Michigan. John McCord received a pension for service as Private in New York Militia. War Records of John McCord, File No. W19870, National Archives. Some descendants live in Allegheny Co. and Sullivan Co. NY. One group of these McCords moved to Huron Co., Ohio and one to Lane Co. Oregon. Toyboyne Administrative area exist just south of Londonderry Ulster Ireland and a congregation of Presbyterians of unknown numbers came to America, William adopt the name of the area in Sherman's Valley as this minister did come to some place but not earlier than 1760 even if that early?

Family W    Corporal Mark McCord b. 1745. He served in the Revolutionary War. He lived in Dauphin and Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania. with the information from L. W. Berry, Family DL connects to Family W. I am moving DL into Family W and eliminating Family DL. I will probably start a new DL in the future. The family summary for DL needs to be eliminated. All members in Family DL are now members of Family W. These changes need to be made. Attached is new Family W.

Family X     David McCord, born in Scotland or Canada. He was living in East Tennessee where he married Matilda Williams in 1857. His son John G. McCord lived in Anderson Co. Tennessee.

Family Y     James McCord brother of David of family “A” and brother to William of family “AA”, was another son of David McCord, the Weaver. He came to Tennessee with his brother David McCord “A”. He settled in Franklin Co. Tennessee. Descendants settled northern counties in Alabama and moved westward into the northern counties of Mississippi, also in Giles County, TN. Some moved to Scott Co. Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and California.

Family Z     (Originally John, dubbed Johannes early genealogists) Johannes McCord b. 1695 Ireland. He came to America in 1734 and settled in Albemarle Co. Virginia. Children of his son William settled in Carroll Co., Indiana. His son John settled in Abbeville Co., South Carolina, descendants living in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Descendants of William moved to Seward Co., Nebraska and Mahaska Co., Appaloosa

Family AA   William McCord, son of David of Derry also known as the Weaver, who with fleetness of foot outran the Indians, who killed his parents. Four of his siblings, David (A), James (Y), Jean and Margaret were captured by the Indians and fortunately released a year and a half later. They all would be grandchildren to William the Immigrant. This William moved from Pennsylvania to Fleming Co. KY around 1796. Descendants live in Mason Co. Nicholas Co. KY. Some moved to David Co. Indiana; others on to Jefferson Co. Nebraska. In Indiana, descendants live in Martin, Pike, Parke, Knox, Warrick and Marion Counties.

Family BB   Samuel McCord, Ireland. Sons, James and another came to New York in 1776. They separated. James settled in Wheeling, West Virginia. Descendants live in Brooke Co., W. Virginia and Belmont Co. Ohio.

Family CC   John McCord born about 1725 in Ireland. John(Sr.) settled in today’s Dauphin County around 1740.John(Sr.) farm, named “Mt Hope” in West Hanover Township is likely the location in Dauphin County the known children were born. Called Lancaster County then. William(CC), Samuel(CC), Robert(Sr.) ®, John(Jr.)(SS) and Mary McCord(SS) are the names of his children. The oldest is thought to have been William(CC) and he settled in the Toboyne area of the County. William’s(CC) children can be found soon in the Erie County Pennsylvania, having moved up the Pittsburg Trail through Mercer County Pennsylvania were Robert (R) had gone. John(Jr.) and Mary (SS) moved west with John(Jr.) ending up in Preble County Ohio. Robert (Sr.) ® sold his household and Cabinetmaking tools to John (Sr.) and took his money and family to traverse trails opened only by horseback to Mercer County with some of the cousins. Brother John(Jr.) inherited the farm “Mount Hope” later sold in1800’s to the Runkel’s of West Hanover Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. “Mount Hope” can be found by going to the Historic Pennsylvania website then pull up the Runkle Cemetery located there. Descendants can be found together in Ohio, Southwest Indiana, Lee and Des Moines Counties Iowa. Then Paola to Manhattan Kansas and many on to Central California’s San Joaquin Valley area.

Family DD   Elias McCord b. 1730 in Virginia. [Father most likely comes through PA, maybe New York] He served in the American Revolutionary War. He married Elizabeth Hollingsworth. He died in 1803 in Clermont Co. Ohio. They had 11 children. Descendants lived in McCordsville, Indiana, Hancock and Marion Co. Indiana, Story Co. Iowa, Webster Co. Nebraska.

Family EE   Robert Y. McCord, Ireland. Son James Smith McCord born Sept 21, 1881 in Ireland married Anna Ella Paul of Franklin Co. Iowa. He lived in Cook Co. Illinois and Hardin Co. and Marshall Co. and Story Co. Iowa.

Family FF   Samuel McCord, son of John McCord took land warrant in Perry Co. Pennsylvania in 1768. He moved to Butter Co. Ohio by 1811. Samuel with sons Samuel and Moses McCord came to Rush Co. Indiana and settled in Madison Co. Indiana in 1835. Many McCords in this area of Indiana are related to this family.

Family XX  John Milton McCord with ties to “FF” born 1810 Kentucky. His wife was Barbara Berry. They had six children all born in Bartholomew Co. Indiana. Son Simeon McCord lived in Coles Co. Illinois. Many descendants live in Brown Co. and Jackson Co. Indiana. Don says this family has “ties to family FF, the John McCord write up refers?” Hope Clark of Family “XX” through her maternal grandmother Maude May McCord, she from William Henry McCord to Richard H. McCord who appears to have severed in the Civil War from Brown County IN. Brown County could have been related to 1812 Bounty land. This may be another parameter in your search. Others in this area have so indicated in the past.

Family GG  Andrew McCord, son of John McCord, was a native of Scotland and head of family in America. Andrew McCord, grandson born in Orange Co. New York. The McCords came to Cook Co. Illinois about 1834. When Chicago was a city of 200 people plus they farmed there. They moved to Will Co. Illinois in 1866 and then in 1871 to Blue Island, Cook Co. Illinois in 1871.

Family HH  John McCord b.1709.John McCord married Hannah Pearson (b. 3-25-1712). Their son John was born 12-23-1744. He had at least two children, Mary and Benjamin. They lived in Chester Co. Pennsylvania. Descendants have lived in Wright Co. Minnesota and Burks Co. Penn. John Bard McCord is son of Sidney Pearson McCord Jr., who is son of Sidney Pearson, who is son of Heber McCord, who is son of Pearson D. McCord, who is son of Benjamin McCord, who is son of John McCord, who is son of John McCord head of Family HH.

Family II     James McCord of County Antrim, Ireland married Lady Margaret Stuart of Scotland. They had 6 children one who was b. 1811 Greeneville, Penn. His eight children were born in Lawrence Co. Pennsylvania. Allen McCord moved to Douglas Co. Illinois in 1860 and to Lacrosse Co. Wisconsin in 1874. His sons David and Leland McCord settled in Crawford Co. Iowa. His son Samuel settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His son James settled in La Cross, Wisconsin.

Family KK  James McCord born ~1725 Armagh, Ireland died 1802 in Tyrone twp, Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania. His wife was Katherine who was born in Ireland. He was in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania by 1771. He had6 children: Margaret, Samuel, James, John, Benjamin, and Agnes. Descendants live in Perry, Centre, & Venango Co, Pa; Pike, Warrick, Gibson, Tippecanoe Co, Indiana; Jefferson Co, Illinois.

Family LL   Thomas Knicely McCord b. 1811He married Rachel Birchfield. He settled in Calhoun County, Mississippi by 1837. Stories say he was born in Scotland, Ireland, North Carolina and Virginia. Descendants live also in Pontotoc Co., Webster Co., Grenada Co., Mississippi; Salt Lake City, Utah and Quachita Co. Arkansas.

Family MM

Samuel McCord b. 1821 in Pennsylvania. He left Pennsylvania in 1845 and settled in Johnson Co. Iowa. Descendants live also in Cass Co. Iowa and Brookings, South Dakota. We do not know where in Pennsylvania he lived.

Family NN Robert McCord b. 1782 probably New York. He was in Ashtabula Co. Ohio in 1830 and was in Lake Co. Indiana by 1840. He had at least five children; three of them are Calvin B., Alanson D. and Hannah - all born in New York. Calvin B. McCord moved to Hampton, Franklin Co. Iowa in 1856. Descendants live in Franklin, Bremer, Blackhawk Counties, Iowa.

Family OO  John McCord b. about 1756 in Hardy Co. W. Virginia. His wife was Sarah Price. Their six children are Isaiah, John, Aaron, Rachel, Arthur and Ruth. Descendants live in Lewis Co., Upshur Co., Gilmer Co. Harrison Co. and Nicholas Co. W. Virginia; Descendants of Isaiah moved to Shelby and LaPort County Indiana.

Family PP   James McCord born 1783 Maryland [.Possible New York relative Sarah’s side?] His wife was Sarah. He arrived in Columbiana Co. Ohio in 1813. They had 9 children, Jesse, Arthur, John, Thomas, Hugh, James, Mary Angeline, Eliza, Mason.

Family QQ  Robert McCord b. 1808 County Antrim, Ireland. He came to New York in 1836 and lived in Utica, Oneida, New York. In 1849 he went to Illinois; then in 1850 until 18678 he lived in Jefferson Co. Ohio. He had 6 children: Robert, Jr., William B., Margaret J., Charlotte, Mary and Rosanna.

Family RR   James McCord born about 1765 in Ireland. He married Martha Burch on 3-24-1791 in Ohio Co. Virginia. He had 7 children, William, John Family (AD), Benjamin, James, Enoch D., Nancy and Thomas. He died in Pike Co. Ohio. Many descendants live in Ross and Fayette Co. Ohio.

Family SS    John McCord (Jr) b.1746 probably on Family’s “Farm named; Mount Hope”, West Hanover Twp, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He is son of John McCord (Sr.), an emigrant to Pennsylvania. He lived in Dauphin Co. Pennsylvania, then to Warren County, and untimely to Preble Co., Ohio where he died. He had seven children: Robert, David W, John M, Sarah, Eliza, Margaret and Mary. Descendants live in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas City area and some went on to Central California where some descendants of his known brothers and sister also reside.

Family TT   Abraham McCord born around 1785. He lived in Allegheny Co. Pennsylvania in 1814. He purchased land in Dearborn Co. Indiana in 1817. His four children were Adeline, Emiline, Joseph and Benjamin R. Benjamin lived in Marion Co. Indiana.

Family UU   William McCord was born in 1778. He married in 1803 Fayette Co. KY to Elizabeth Bradley. He purchased land in Morgan Co. Illinois in 1827. His known children were born in Kentucky, Susan B. William D, Elizabeth Jane, David Allison and Nancy H. He died in 1833, Cass Co. Illinois. David McCord moved to Henry Co. Iowa and died in Nodaway Co. Missouri. William D. McCord married Des Moines Co. Iowa and Cass Co. Nebraska. Tim McCord makes a connection of this family to family “AC”

Family VV   David McCord b. 1814 Belfast, Ireland. He came to America after 1856. He died in 1893 Guthrie Co. Iowa. Son Alfred Joseph McCord died 1935 at Grants Pass, Oregon. Descendants lived in Halsey, Oregon.

Family WW Isaac Harvey McCord b. 1811 North Carolina. He married Nancy F. Long in 1846 in Fayette Co. Tennessee. Three children are Mary J, Rheachel A.E. and John William. John moved to Texas and lived in Cherokee and Williamson Co. TX.

Family XX  John Milton McCord born 1810 Kentucky. His wife was Barbara Berry. They had six children all born in Bartholomew Co. Indiana. Son Simeon McCord lived in Coles Co. Illinois. Many descendants live in Brown Co. and Jackson Co. Indiana. Son Simeon McCord lived in Coles Co. Illinois. Many descendants live in Brown Co. and Jackson Co. Indiana. Don says this family has “ties to family FF, the John McCord write up refers?” Hope Clark of Family “XX” through her maternal grandmother Maude May McCord, she from William Henry McCord to Richard H. McCord who appears to have severed in the Civil War from Brown County IN. Brown County could have been related to 1812 Bounty land. This may be another parameter in your search. Others in this area have so indicated in the past.

Family YY   William F. McCord b. 1811 Ireland. His son William John McCord was born in 1847 in Ireland; he died 1924 in Rock Co. Wisconsin. Descendants lived in Rock Co. Wisconsin.

Family ZZ   Unknown McCord Four children, James, Nancy S., Edwin and John were born to unknown parents. Nancy was born in Abbeville, South Carolina. These children moved to Green Co. Alabama in 1817 where Nancy married Thomas H. Weir. Descendants lived in Clark, Sumter, Newton Co., Alabama. Shelby Co. Tennessee and Newton Co. Mississippi.

Family AB   William E. McCord b. 1803 Ireland. He married Mary McDonald. He came by 1827 to South Carolina. He moved to Monroe Co. Illinois around 1839. He had eight known children. The sons moved to LaVaca Co. Texas by 1860.

Family AC   John McCord born between 1760 and 70 and lived in Virginia where his children were born. His son John was born in 1803 and married Sophia Watson. His son James was born in 1807 and married Utterback, Mary. They moved to Boone Co. Indiana. Son James moved to Mills Co. Iowa. Descendants lived in Cass Co; Otoe Co. Nebraska, Keokuk Co. IA, Neosho Co. Kansas, Union Co. Oregon; Los Angeles, CA. Tim McCord connects AC to UU?

Family AD   James McCord was born 7 Sep 1816 Jamestown, Greene County, OH is: - the son of John (RR) McCord [b. 1795 PA] and Selah Chizum - the grandson of James [RR] McCord Sr. [b. 1765 Ireland] and Martha (Birch) Burch . His children are: Joseph Anderson, John William, Martin Enoch, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Celia (Jared), James Martin and Thomas Edgar McCord He was a farmer, blacksmith and wagon maker. He came to Jasper Co, Illinois about 1862, and settled about 1 mile east of Hunt City near Jackville (McCord) Hill

Family AE   James McChord died in York Co. Pennsylvania. He married Susannah Robinson. Two sons were Richard and George. They were in York Co. Pennsylvania in 1780; in 1785 Baltimore, Maryland; and in 1792 in Fayette Co. Kentucky. Descendants live in Fayette, Bourbon, Washington, and Marion Counties in Kentucky. McChord Air Force Base is named after William C. McChord of this family.

Family AF   Benjamin S. McCord was born in 1789 in Virginia (probably Washington Co.), son of Benjamin McCord b. abt. 1755. [One of the Benjamin’s possibly New York connected] He moved from Virginia to Monroe Co. Tennessee to Johnson Co. Indiana to Clinton Co. Missouri. His children were Abijah S, Cynthia, Samuel Stewart & Benjamin, Jane, Louisa, Archibald W., Margaret Ann. Descendants live in Dekalb, Davies, Gentry, Henry Counties, Missouri. Descendant Hiram Warner McCord moved to Red Willow Co. Nebraska.

Family AG   Joseph T. McCord was born in the 1780's. He lived in Bledsoe Co. Tennessee in 1830 and in Hamilton Co. Tennessee in 1840. Two sons Martens D. Lafayette and James W. (born 1811 and 1810 in Tennessee. James W. McCord was in Bradley Co. Tennessee in 1837; in Cherokee Co. Ala in 1850; in Independence Co. Arkansas in 1870. Descendants also lived in Clay and Jack Co. Texas. Martens D. Lafayette McCord moved to Missouri in 1848. He died in 1893 in Ripley Co. Missouri. He served in the Cherokee War. He had 10 children.

Family AH   Norman McCord was born in 1815 in Ohio. By 1845 he had moved to Barry Co. Missouri. In 1860 he was in Grant Co. Wisconsin. Descendants live in Barry Co. Missouri.

Family AI    Gilbert F. McCord was born 1820 in New York. In 1840 he was living in Belmont Co. Ohio and in Monroe Co. Ohio in 1850. He lived in St. Joseph Co. Michigan in 1860. He died in 1873 in Ionia Co. Michigan. He had 15 children. Descendants mainly live in the area of Ionia Co. Michigan.

Family AJ   Patrick McCord b: 1834 Place, Ireland DIED: 16 August 1895 Place: Montgomery Co, Missouri A son, William McCord was born 1865 in Missouri. He lived in Montgomery Co. Missouri and had children: Roy W. Forest, Richard Elmer, David L., Leonard and Lute. Roy moved to Iowa and lived in Woodbury and Monona Co. Some of the family lives in Nebraska in 1920.

Family AK   John Lewis McCord was born 1824 in Illinois. He was killed in the Civil War. In 1850 he lived in Montgomery Co. Missouri. His wife was Elizabeth Skinner, born 1826 in Missouri. His children were William M, James F. John Lewis and Lucy Jennie. A descendant William Thom McCord Jr. was a banker in Los Angeles. He became V.P. of Bank Administration Institute.

Family AL   James McCord was born about 1785 Pennsylvania. He died in Dauphin Co. Pennsylvania. His wife was Maria Bollenger. His children were James (b. 1807), Sophia, Erline Bird, and Margaret. The son James married Leah Rhivers; he moved to Decatur, Indiana and then to Jasper Co., Indiana. His son James (b. 1836) moved to Clay Co. Iowa. Descendants live in Marion Co. Indiana; Wayne County, Indiana, Wadena County, Minnesota; and Cooke Co. Illinois.

Family AM  Hiram McCord lived in Pike County, Georgia and had 4 children William Joseph, William Sanford, John N. and Mary. Descendants live in Pike and Upson Co., GA, Texas and Louisiana.

Family AN   William McCord b. 1805 in Ireland. His wife was Ann Huggins. He was a doctor. He moved to Ontario, Canada and died in 1866. His five children were Jane, Doretta, William, John and Thomas. Descendants live in Ontario, Canada, Sebastian Co. Arkansas and Josea Co. Michigan.

Family AO   Lemuel McCord, born 1820 in Georgia. He married Margaret Griffin in 1840 in Walton Co. Georgia. His son Henry C. McCord was born 10-15-1846 Randolph Co. Alabama. His daughter Sarah was born in 1848 in Randolph Co. Alabama. The other three children, Jimmie A., George V., and Emily were born in Navarro County, Texas. Descendants live in Navarro Co., Dallas, Limestone County, TX and Little Rock, Arkansas. Research has not been able to determine who Lemuel’ s father is or tie him into the other McCords of Walton County, George .Freida Robason says her family ties to family J

Family AP   Andrew Nethercot McCord was born 1825 in Scotland or Ireland. He married Mary Ryan. He died 11-14-1900 at St. Killian, Wilmount Co. Minnesota. He had two children, William and John Careful McCord, both born in Scotland. Descendants live in Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and California. The Descendants of Andrew Nethercot McCord' born in 1825, in Ireland, according to his death certificate, although the 1890 census record places his birth in Scotland, in 1830. He married Mary Ryan, born in Ireland, about 1847 and it is presumed that she came to the United States with him, but no records of her can be found. It is rumored that our McCord family was originally from County Cork, but this has not been verified. The family moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh in 1859, where they lived until immigrating to the United States. Records vary on the exact date of immigration. The 1900 census record states that Andrew immigrated in 1870 with his son William, but in the declaration of his intention to become a citizen of the United States the date given is August 1882. This record also shows his date of birth to be "on or about 1840", clearly, an error. No explanation for this discrepancy of 15 years. A family member who knew the McCords in 1920 insists that there was only one Andrew McCord in the family. Assuming that these are the correct records, Andrew became a citizen of the United States on April 8, 1891. Andrew applied for and was granted a Homestead on August 17, 1892 for 160 acres; "Southeast quarters of Section 8 in Township 104, North of Range 42, West of the fifth Principal Meridian in Minnesota, containing 160 acres." This was probably in St. Killian, Wilmont Twp, where he died. He signed his application for citizenship in 1885, but his signature is almost illegible. He signed his citizenship papers with an (X). His death record states his parents were born in Ireland.

Family AQ   William McCord was born in Scotland. His son, William, born 1832 in Canada died in Inyo County, California. A descendant is "Alaska Jack" McCord who discovered a large gold nugget in Alaska and owned much land in California and Alaska.

Family AR   Robert Thomas McCord was born 5-2-1846 in Tennessee or Mississippi. He married 2-22-1872 in Madison Co. Tennessee to Claudia C. Hardy. They lived in Crockett County, Tennessee. Robert and Claudia had 6 children. No one in the family knows anything about the McCord family further back than Robert T. McCord of where they came from before coming to Tennessee.

Family AS   Abner McCord was born 1770-1775. He died 10-4-1852 Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. He had 9 children. Descendants live in Lancaster Co. PA and Orange Co. Virginia, and DeKalb Co. Indiana and Warren Co. Illinois and Spotsylvania Co. Virginia.

Family AT   Robert McCord was born 1802 in Belfast, Ireland. He married in 1840 to Jane Kerr. He lived in Cherokee Co. Alabama. His children were Robert J., Victoria, John B., Henry and Sis. Descendants live in Floyd Co. Chattoga Co., Georgia and Cherokee Co. Alabama.

Family AU   Thomas McCord was born 1859 in Canada. He married Catherine Bennett. They lived in Bydensburg, St. Lawrence Co. New York. His children were Gabriel, Joseph, Lawrence H, Larry Jim and John. Descendants live in New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Syracuse, Onondaga Co. New York.

Family AV   William McCord was born 1834 in Ohio. He married Nancy Chipman. He moved to Des Moines Co. Iowa. He had seven children, James, Robert Lincoln, Rosa, Florence M., Enoch, Bert and Daisy. Descendants live in Des Moines Co. Iowa.

Family AW  Robert B. McCord was born in Scotland or Ireland. He married Elizabeth Strain. His first son Robert B. Jr. was born in 1851 in Troy, Rensselaer Co. New York. They moved to Franklin Co. Iowa. Descendants lived in Blackhawk Co. Iowa, Cooke County, Illinois and in the San Francisco area of California. Robert B. McCord was an architect or engineer. He was working in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and caught in the flood of 1889. (Unlikely as his wife listed as a widow in Hampton IA, 1880 Census.) Robert is listed more often from Scotland. In 1850 Census he appears in Troy NY, a Laborer and in City directories, a Mason & 1860 with all four children. 1870, his two sons are in Geneva IA, living with the Stains, his maternal G-parents. In 1880, wife Elizabeth is in Hampton, IA, a widow with two adult daughters. Elizabeth buried 1893 in Geneva, IA with her parents, brother and son’s son, Roscoe (son of Robert B. and Nettie McCord). Strain family went from Ireland (c.1830) to Quebec to NY State, to Dane Co., WI (1860) to Iowa (late ‘60’s) as they may have migrated together or from same place.

Family AX   William McCord was born 1831 in Liverpool, Lancaster, England. He married 1860 in St. Louis, Missouri to Hannah Miller. He had 8 children, Jane, William Jr. Elizabeth, Harry M. John Miller, Hannah, Charles and James.

Family AY   John McCord was born 1711 in Ireland. He married Margery Ellis. John’s son Thomas came to Canada and this McCord family was prominent in the early history of Quebec. This family founded the David Ross McCord national Museum of McGill University.

Family AZ   Lewis Elrod McCord born 1880 in Pennsylvania married Maria Shaner. Family members are found in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey

"C" and “D” Branches are mostly of new groups being researched and often mesh with above groups in time.

Family CA   Not to be Assigned

Family CB   Not to be Assigned

Family CC   Already used earlier

Family CD   Thomas McCord d.1794 in Dauphin Co., PA leaving wife Martha and children; Martha, Margaret and Samuel. This Samuel son is William McCord (CP) You have it all figured out but here it goes. Joseph Shannon McCord is the son of William McCord (Family CP). William is the son of Samuel McCord (family CD). This was discovered by Mark Painter. I have not changed the files only put a note in my copies stating this information.

Family CE   John McCord and wife Mary Grahm lived in Pennsylvania. They had two known children, sons Abraham Lincoln b. 1858 and Taylor. Descendants live in PA, KY, SD, MN, & WISC.

Family CF   Louis McCord b. 1840 in the District of, Columbia then is later found in New York City. A descendent is David Thompson Watson McCord, the famous Poet.

Family CG   William McCord born before 1870 in Scotland, whose son John McCord was born in Arorossan, Scotland in 1795. Descendants moved to Canada and New York.

Family CH   Howard J. McCord b. 1869 lived in Blair Co., Pennsylvania. Descendants live in Blair County, Pennsylvania and Florida

Family CI    Emma McCord the great grandmother of Sarah McCord whose daughter Sarah McCord Williams of New York is where we are at on this new one.

Family CJ   John McCord b. abt.1827 is believed to be the father of Herman Whittaker McCord, came to America from Ireland sometime between 1830 and 1860 to Tennessee. He was a School Teacher. Descendants live in Tulsa, OK, MO, and Knoxville TN.

Family CK   Henry McCord b.1822 in Perry County PA and died in 1908 in Knox County Illinois. His son John Hopwood McCord lived in South Dakota.

Family CL   Brothers Otto and Otis McCord lived in Ohio. Otto’s son, Roy David McCord b. abt. 1900 moved to California. Descendants live in California and Texas.

Family CM  Charles F. McCord b. abt. 1847 in New York moved to Erie County Pennsylvania. Descendants moved to Ohio

Family CN   John McCourt and Jane Ann Taylor of Glasgow Scotland only known descendent at this time was born 1914 in New York.

Family CO   James McCourt b. abt. 1800 had a son Samuel who was born 1828 Duncannon, Ireland. Descendants came to Connecticut. I have a Sadie McNamee married to a William McCort they lived in Brooklyn until abt. 1893 any bells ringing? My McCorts lived in Brooklyn and possibly Manhattan in the 1890's. Don't have anything on a Sadie though. My family thanks you for your e-mail and is of interest. I have only begun my research on the McCort, McCourt family. Currently I can locate our American citizenship with Thomas McCourt at Brooklyn in 1867. Thomas came from Armagh Cty.. Ireland. then to California. It is believed he began farming in California's Delta area abt. 1870's. He married Rebecca MacNichols and had one child, Thomas Jr. who married Agnese McCort. The daughter of William and Sadie McCort.~Tom

Family CP   William McCord was born about 1716 in Scotland or Ireland. His family came to Dauphin County Pennsylvania. He served in the Revolutionary War. Descendants continue to live in Dauphin County PA one was James Earl Lewis McCord b. abt. 1892 Joseph Shannon McCord PA. William McCord(CP) is the son of Samuel McCord(CD) You have it all figured out but here it goes. Joseph Shannon McCord is the son of William McCord (Family CP). William is the son of Samuel McCord (family CD). This was discovered by Mark Painter. I have not changed the files only put a note in my copies stating this information.

Family CQ   William McCord d. 1761in Lancaster Co. PA. His will states he had five daughters. Wife’s name is not mentioned in the will.

Family CR   Henry Hughes McCord born 1900’s in Belfast Ireland. His son Revered Robert Anthony McCord is an Anglican clergyman in Ontario, Canada. His family before moving down and inside the Pale resided in Ulster to the North. Their ancestors came from probably the Ayrshire area of Scotland.

Family CS   George McCord born about 1778, lived in Mercer County Pennsylvania and in Mahoning County Ohio. He served in the war of 1812

Family CT   A McCourt family adopted Anthony Turk McCourt Patrick born 1935 in Scotland.

Family CU   Winfred L. McCourt was born in 1901in Ulster Ireland. Her son lives in New York City.

Family CV   James McCord was born in 1927 in Glasgow, Scotland. His son James currently lives in Phoenix Arizona. The family migrated from the Isle of Magee, county Down Ulster to Glasgow

Family CW  James McCord’s son James was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania. He lived in Perry County PA and moved to Miami County Ohio. Descendants live in Oklahoma, Kansas and California.

Family CX   Brothers Robert and John McCord born in early 1800’s in New York. Descendants were owners were eventual owners of the McCord-Post Co. One was the architect for the Madison Square Garden and Grand Central station Domes, later as owners of the steel company provide the steel for the Empire State Building and Rock fellow Center. Descendants include the former Financial Director for University of Colorado and Writer –Teacher at Bowling green College, Howard Lawrence McCord.

Family CY   Samuel McCord born about 1818 in New York, moved to Edgefield South Carolina, to Augusta County Alabama, to Dallas Texas. Descendent live in Dallas County TX/

Family CZ   William McCord lived in Orange County, New York. His son lived in New Jersey, as has his descendants.

Family DA   Samuel McCord b. 1831, descendants found from Ireland to Iowa, New York, Tennessee, California and North Dakota

Family DB   James McCord b. 1862 Scotland, descendants found in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland

Family DC   Myron Hawley McCord b. 1806 in New York. Family found in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona

Family DD   Already used letter file

Family DE   James McCord b. 1813 in Pennsylvania. Descendants also found in Missouri

Family DF   Evan Blair McCord b. 1840 Ireland, descendants found in Ohio and California

Family DG   John McCord b. 1799 Georgia, married Mary Glover. He lived in Chambers County, Alabama and later moved to Sevier County Arkansas, family is found in Arkansas, and Louisiana

Family DH   John T. and Samuel Edward McCord brothers lived in Lafayette County, Mississippi. John T. McCord was born 1830 in South Carolina. Samuel E. McCord moved to Cass County, Texas

Family DI    John B. McCord b. 1775 in Ireland and had a son John A. McCord who in Washington County, Pennsylvania by 1835. Some descendants found in Allegany County Pennsylvania.

Family DJ   Francis McCord b. 1810 in Ireland. His children were born in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Family DK   George McCord lived in Cumberland County Pennsylvania. His son John Patrick McCord born 9/8/1851 and departed this life on 2/19/1944 at the age of 92 yr, 5 mo, 11 days. At the age of 11, John Patrick McCord ran away from home and came to Missouri with the Carnahan family He married to Amanda McCormack 59 years ago last Christmas. They have spent most of their life in Ste, Genevieve Co. For the past 39 years they have lived at the present home place near Little Vine Church. They are parents of 8 boys & 3 girls. They are K. L, Samuel W., Fred, Bryon, Lowell, Hardy, Carl, Earl, Mrs. Irene Booth, Mrs. Elba Weller, and Mrs. Vivian Go forth. 38 grandchildren; 16 great grandchildren

Family DL   Charles H. McCord b. 1817. in Pennsylvania and moves to Mobile, Alabama. He was an Upholsterer. He had 6 children with the information from L. W. Berry, Family DL connects to Family W. I am moving DL into Family W and eliminating Family DL. I will probably start a new DL in the future. The family summary for DL needs to be eliminated. All members in Family DL are now members of Family W. These changes need to be made. Attached is new Family W.

Family DM  Cyrus McCord Family found in New Jersey. His son John Joseph McCord b. 1862 in Union County, New Jersey. Some descendants live in Washington DC.

Family DN   Joseph S. McCord b. 1847 in Georgia, lived in Douglas and Paulding Counties Georgia

Family DO   Not to be Assigned

Family DP   Not to be Assigned

Family DQ   Think this family (currently labeled as Family DS) might go back to Thomas McCord of West Hanover, several of his clan moved to Harrisburg. MP Thomas McCord's will written 14 May 1790 probated 8 Feb 1794 Dauphin Co, Pa wife; Martha, dau's; Margaret McElhaney, Martha Foster get 20 pounds each Son Samuel gets rest then to go to his heirs. Samuel McCord died about 1812, land went to his heirs, they sold part of this land and all had to sign off/quit claim Series of deeds starting with Dauphin deed X-1-534 The children of Samuel McCord are; John McCord & wife Jenny, War 1812, Wm McCord & wife Mary War 1812, Martha & husband Edward Shannon War 1812 vet too, James, minor children at that time were Samuel, Mary and Margaret. Mark has copies of these documents Here are the highlights of the will, Thomas McCord of W. Hanover twp, had a small family, but we needed to find out who they were so we could move on with the John McCord family. In the name of God, Amen, this 14th day of May 1791 I Thomas McCord of W. Hanover twp, Dauphin Co, ----- 1. I do order any lawful debts & funeral expenses to be paid out of my estate. my beloved wife Martha McCord ---- my daughter Margart McElhainey 20 pounds 4. to my daughter Martha Foster 20 pounds 5. remainder of real and personal to son Samuel McCord, after his death to be divided between his children Executors; wife Martha & son Samuel McCord Written; 14 May 1791 Filed: 8 Feb 1794 Witnesses: William Simonton & Robert Moody

Family EA   Refers to those who descend from John McCord born 07 Feb1791 in Delaware and died 07 November 1874 Highland, Burlington Twp., Bradford County Pennsylvania. He married Ellen Porter and it from this union and their daughter Eliza McCord born in 1809, Drumore Township, Lancaster Pennsylvania that JoAnn descends. Eliza preceded her dad in death in 1865 in Burlington, Bradford Pennsylvania. Eliza married Emanuel Guyer 24 Jan 1837 in West Chester, Chester Pennsylvania.

Family EB   James McCord came to this country from County Tyrone in 1738 or June 1, 1732). Sometime after his arrival his wife and 1st cousin, Sarah McCord came with three children. Two of her brothers came with her: William McCord and Robert McCord, leaving one brother, Benjamin behind in Ireland. Her brothers Robert and William McCord settled in Orange County. James McCord settled in Westchester County. He was a farmer and had 4 children, three of whom were born in Ireland. Their names were John, Mary, and Samuel and, Benjamin who was born in this country three years after arrival of his parents James & Sarah McCord. James McCord was the first Presbyterian Elder in Westchester Co., New York and preached all over the county for a time because there was no preacher often using his home. John McCord, his son, had 4 sons, James, Robert, David, and Samuel. Samuel the eldest had 6 sons, John, William, Andrew, Thomas, Benjamin, and Frederick. Benjamin McCord had 6 sons, James, John, Robert, William and (Benjamin and Jordan. (Twins?)) . Sarah McCord’s brother Robert had 3 sons, James, Samuel and Andrew, who was a member of Congress when he died. Descendants stayed in New York and Kentucky spreading out from there.

Family EC   Benjamin F. McCord, b 1842, Ohio died 20 Mar 1887) Sally “Sarah” Black 1846w, Ohio Minnie 1868d, " (soldier) Charles Feb 1872s, " Willie 1-29-1875 Montgomery Co, Ohio d. 11-8-1956 Tipp City, Miami Co, Ohio, " md 1900 in Fairborn, Ohio to Sarah’ Black Sally died shortly after her sister was born and he and his brother were taken to The Darke County Children’s Home. Willie worked for many farmers until he was employed by Miami County road dept. a) p 287 Harrison twp, Dis lll, Sarah McCord, 1815, Pa (wife of William McCord) Mary J. 1836f, Ohio Margaret 1840f, " Benjamin F. 1842, " "Declaration For Original Invalid Pension" On 20 Sept 1889 Benjamin F. McCord, age 36 yr, resident of Harrison Twp, Montgomery Co, Ohio. Enrolled 9 Oct 1861 Co G, 75 Ohio Reg.; Served near Franklin, WV; Occupation Farmer. Discharged 9 Oct 1862 at Washington DC. Claim denied in that no record of evidence of an officer, surgeon, sergeant or 2 comrades. Claim Typhoid. Wife Ella Bryant md 24 Dec 1884 at Dayton, Ohio. No children listed. References: a) 1850 Montgomery Co, Ohio Cen b) 1880 Montgomery Co, Ohio Cen c) 1900 Montgomery Co, Ohio Cen Don also wrote; Dear Howard, “I have discovered that Benjamin F. McCord b 1842 is the son of William McCord. William and his family lived in Montgomery Co, Ohio. See attached information above.

Family ED   John McCord b. abt. the time of the American Revolution probably somewhere in New England possibly. Historical it’s said that this war caused the Scots Irish to see a lot of the country and meet others and pick places to live. He married Lucy Hoag in the late 1790’s and the first son John H. McCord is born Nov 16, 1799 in New York. He and his only sibling Phebe we know of at the moment. Both married in Hudson, Columbia Co., New York. John H. McCord married Diantha Carpenter May 3, 1826 while Phebe married a William Man or Macy? John’s children we know are Jason, Sylvia, Anna and Charles Robinson McCord. The Hudson is almost natural Highway from Canada to Ossining and Westchester New York area where family EB was prominent. Descendent Arthur travels by land ending up in Fresno to work then to Berkley-Oakland California when it was as indicated in other histories a popular area to go and to retire to. Fresno area was a popular destination for descendants of family CC and R who also had Robinson Family ancestors and many of family CC lived up in Erie County in 1799 which borders on New York. The major early Scotch -Irish settlement within easy reach of the Hudson community listed no McCords in its population. In the History Book written. May be still worth checking another source.

Family EF   Hugh MacCord. B. 1775 and died 1859. He was born in County Down Ireland. Died in West Deer Twp., PA. Buried deer Creek cemetery, west Deer Creek Twp., Allegany Co., PA. Was a Dancing master in County down, the same time as when his children precede him and come to America? He decided to follow them. His wife Jean McClelland had died before in Ireland in 1830 and he married Jeannie, a young women friend of his daughter Margaret and about her age. After Jennie’s death he moved in with his daughter Margaret, apparently near Pittsburg, PA. Children John, Margaret, Nancy and James and most of the descendants come the Pittsburg Pennsylvania area.

Family EG   James McCord b 1811 Ireland, Aurora Co, South Dakota. There is McCord School, Truro, SD. Early McCord settlers James McCord Sr, James McCord the son and his children at Truro, South Dakota. Father and some children born in Ireland. James came to America in 1864 and lived in New York where other children born. He moved to Linn County, Iowa in 1876, where remaining children born. He worked in a packing plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 1880 he lived in Cedar Rapids, He married Elenor? Abt. 1863. They had 8 children.

Family EI    Newton McCord, African American, (1851 6-2-1939) md Amanda Turrentine (March 1852); second wife Elizabeth Talley (d. 5-27-1933. Children by Amanda. 1. Charles (1877) 2. Etta (April 1881) md Thomas H. DeVoe. Etta had dau. Hazel who took her stepfather’s name Jennings. Hazel married William Ferguson. 3. James G. (Aug. 1884) 4. Ben A. (April 1890) William Ferguson, P. O. Box 1658, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201 b. 2-20-1930 Nashville, TN Occupation: Welder. Wife Sharon E. Way b 5-31-1945 Escanaba, Michigan Children: David William Ferguson (12.31-1957) child by first wife: Vernetta Dickerson. Children by 2nd wife: Fenita Jeane Ferguson 8-10-1970 LaTonya Pauletta Ferguson 11-30-1971 William Ferguson III 8-3-1974 Anthony Burton Ferguson 2-27-1977 Brian Keith Ferguson 8-17-1979 Aaron Kesho Ferguson 5-6-1982

EJ Family   James L. McCord b.1876 in Ohio. Son Leo Edward and daughters Thelma, Lori and Lulu. Lived in Holland and Toledo Ohio. Leo may be the middle name of James. Son Leo finally went to Windsor Ontario Canada to find his last wife. No information on children of previous marriages and Ohio has many McCords

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