Ventura and Zoz Family Photos

These are photos from my wife Sylvia Ventura's family which includes the surnames Ventura, Zoz, Bennett, Yacchari and others. You can click on these photos to see a larger version. When there is a person's name highlighted below the photo you can click to see their details.Note that most photos have been edited, cropped, enhanced and some have colorized. On some images you may see this icon in the lower left indicating that the My Heritage Photo Editor has been used to imrove the image.

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Many of these photos were given to me by others. In some cases, I am not confident of the identity of some of the people in them. If you see someone who is not identified, or If you have information or corrections, please let me know. Any new photos would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to share these photos but in order to help others find them, please honor the Creative Commons license (found at the bottom of the page) by giving this website credit for them when you use them. My contact information can also be found at the bottom of each page.

Mary Virginia Yaccahri Ventura, Mary, Ginny, Syliva (back of head), Jacqueline, LaVerne Ventura at baby shower for future Ralph due Jully 1954)
Ben and Jackie Ventura's first home on Carthage Ave in Cincinnati
Ben and Jackie Ventura
Ben F and Jackie Ventura
Benjamin F. Ventura (2nd from left)
Benjamin J. Ventura (waving) in his shoe repair shop
Benjamin F. Ventura at 8th Grade Graduation from Assumption School in Walnut Hills
Benjamin F. Ventura in School (first row on right next to last seat)
Benjamin J. Ventura (on right) with some of his brothers
Benjamin J. Ventura in Gatlinburg TN July 1961
Benjamin J. Ventura., Mary Virginia Yaccahri Ventura and their son Benjamin F. Ventura
Benjamin J. Ventura and son Benjamin F. Ventura
Benjamin F. and Jacqueline Zoz Ventura Family circa 1961
Benjamin and Jacqueline Zoz Ventura Family Circa 1966
Benjamin F. and Jacqueline Ventura Family circa 1971
Benjamin F. and Jacqueline Zoz Ventura Family Easter 1956
Benjamin F. Ventura (left) with Rose Moertle Zoz and husband Ralph A. Zoz
Ben & Jackie Ventura's family Christmas 2015 in Orlando
Benjamin J. Ventura with Puppies
Robert L. and LaVerne Zoz Seiler and Family
Children of Peter Yacchari and Catherine Devoto - Thomas Yacchari,Stella Yacchari Ward, Mary Virginia Yacchari Ventura and Joseph P. Yacchari
Christina & Marc Ventura Circa 1970
Christina and Marc Ventura with Niece Jennifer Fox (with hat) cir. 1974
Christina, LaVerne, Michael, Marc, Nana (Mary Virginia Yacchari Ventura), Jenny, David, Johnny and Jackie Jan 1981
Claude Bennett Sr.
Claude Bennett Sr (front row 4th from left) 1906
Claude Bennett Jr. Sylvia Bennett Esther Bennett
Claude Bennett Jr & sisters Sylvia Bennett in back and Esther Bennett in front and their Aunt Lou (Jacob?) on right
Greg, Mary, Jackie and LaVerne Ventura cir. 1959
Herbert "Barney" and wife Julia Zoz Nagel plus Joseph F. and wife Irene Weierich Zoz Oct 6 1923 (I suspect Barney, Julia & Irene L to R with Joe standing.)
Jacqueline Ann Ventura (Fox), Johnny Fox; Aaron, LaVerne Ventura, and Joshua McWilliams
Jacqueline Helen Zoz at her First Communion and sister LaVerne Helen Zoz with their mother Sylvia Bennett Zoz circa 1939
Jackie Ventura's and John Fox's Wedding 1972
Jackie Ventura Veal and Sylvia Ventura Wood Nov 2000
Jackie Ventura's and John Fox's Wedding Party Dec 1972
Jacqueline Helen Zoz age 16
Jackie Zoz Ventura with children 1959
Jacqueline Ventura, Sylvia Bennett Zoz, Greg Ventura and Christina Ventura (front)
Sisters Jackie, Sylvia, Mary, Christina and LaVerne
Jennie (Giovanna) Musso Ventura with two of her sons (children are unknown)
Josephine Jacob Bennett Sylvia Bennett Claude Bennett Jr. Esther Bennett
Josephine Jacob Bennett with grandchildren Sylvia Bennett, Claude Bennett Jr. and Esther Bennett (left to right) circa 1906
Keith and LaVerne Ventura McWilliams, David, Sylvia, Marc Ventura, Rose Moertle Zoz and Ralph Zoz & Christina Ventura on floor - Colorado 1979
Keith McWilliams, Johnny Fox, Ralph Ventura and Greg Ventura
Laura Zoz and sister-in-law Juliana Schlick Zoz
Sisters LaVerne (left) & Jacqueline Zoz at home on Scioto St in Cincinnati Ohio (see photo this page)
Jackie, LaVerne and Ralph Ventura
LaVerne Ventura McWilliams, Ralph and Rose Moertle Zoz, Ben, Marc & Jackie Ventura, Sylvia Ventura Wood (left to right) cir 2007
LaVerne Helen Zoz
LaVerne Helen Zoz Seiler
LaVerne Zoz Margaret Betz Zoz Ralph A. Zoz
LaVerne Helen Zoz>, Jacqueline Helen Zoz & Ralph A. Zoz (rear) with Grandmother Margaret Betz Zoz circa 1936
Mac & Ben's Shoe Service - Benjamin J. Ventura on right
Benjamin J. Ventura (left) in from of his Shoe Shop in Cincinnate
Marc, Michelle, Christina, Jennifer and Tina left to right
Margaret Betz Zoz Sylvia Bennett Zoz Laura Zoz Joseph F. Zoz Julia Zoz Nagel "Uncle Jim" (Unknown)
Margaret Betz Zoz (sitting) Sylvia Bennett, Laura Zoz, Joseph J Zoz, Julia Zoz Nagel, and Uncle Jim (unknown) (left to right)
Mary Ventura Price, LaVerne Zoz Seiler and Dana Price
Mary Virginia Yaccahri Ventura 'Nana' and Son Ben F. Ventura
Mary Virginia Yaccahri Ventura in Gatlinburg TN 1961
Mary Virginia Yaccahri about age 15 in 1925
Mary Virginia Yaccahri age 9 in April 1920
Mary Virginia Yaccahri Ventura with son Ben F age 11 months 1932
Mary, Ginny, Sylvia, Jackie and LaVerne Ventura
Cousins Mathew and Nichole Ventura circa 1995
Nana & Popo (Benjamin J. Ventura Mary Virginia Yaccahri Ventura) on their 50th Wedding Anniversary 1981
Peter and Jo Nicastro Ventura
Rachael Seiler Jennifer Seiler LaVerne Zoz Seiler William E. Seiler Florence Seiler Rebecca Seiler Vanessa Seiler
Rachel Seiler, Jennifer Seiler, LaVerne Zoz Seiler, William E. Seiler, Florence Seiler, Rebecca Seiler and Vanessa Seiler (left to right)
Ralph A. Zoz and sister LaVerne Helen Zoz 1934
Ralph A. Zoz Rose Moertle Zoz Jacqueline Zoz Ventura Benjamin F. Ventura
Ralph A. Zoz and wife Rose Moertle Zoz with Ralph's sister Jacqueline Zoz Ventura and her husband Benjamin F. Ventura Left to Right
Ralph Zoz, Ben Ventura Jackie Zoz Ventura, Marc, Christina and David Ventura and Rose Moertle Zoz - Colorado 1979
William J. Zoz (on right) and children Ralph A. Zoz, Ray J. Zoz and Jacqueline Helen Zoz (L to R) circa 1945
Ralph A. Zoz
Ralph Zoz, Ben Ventura Jackie Zoz Ventura, Marc, Christina and David Ventura and Rose Moertle Zoz - Colorado 1979
Ralph, Greg, Ben, Michael, David and Marc Ventura
Brothers Ralph, Greg, Michael, David and Marc Ventura
Ralph A. Zoz, William J. Zoz, Jacqueline Helen Zoz, Sylvia Bennett Zoz & LaVerne Helen Zoz circa 1948
Ray J. Zoz and sister LaVerne Helen Zoz at her First Communion
Raymond J. Zoz and sister LaVerne Helen Zoz in 1946
Ray J. Zoz (on right) with parents Sylvia and William J. Zoz
Rose Moertle Zoz and husband Ralph A. Zoz with brother in law Benjamin F. Ventura
Rose Moertle Zoz and Ralph A. Zoz at their wedding in 1949
Shane Clark HS Graduation Photo 2012
Sylvia Bennett Zoz with children William J. Zoz, Ralph A. Zoz (in lap) and Raymond J. Zoz circa 1929
Sylvia Bennett circa 1905
Sylvia Bennett Zoz (center in back) with her Children
Sylvia Bennett with cow age 18 at Cedar Grove, IN
Sylvia Bennett circa 1915-1920
Teenage Benjamin F. Ventura
Ventura Baseball Team at a Family Reunion
Ventura Brothers in Philadelphia 1945
Ventura Family Reunion
Ventura Family Gathering
Wedding of Peter T Ventura and Jo Nicastro, with Peter's mother Jennie Musso Ventura and Jo's father, Norman Nicastro in 1949.
Greg Ventura and family Decembeer 2020
Venturas in Gatlinburg TN 1994
Virginia L and Mary Ward cir 1946
Virginia L Yacchair (Ward) Graduation age 16 June 1956
William J. Zoz and wife Sylvia Bennett Zoz holding baby Sylvia M Ventura 1949
William Claude Zoz and wife Norma Pope Zoz and his sister LaVerne Zoz Seiler
William Claude Zoz and wife Norma Pope Zoz
William Claude Zoz in Navy in Talara Peru June 1944
William J. and wife Sylvia Bennett Zoz with children William C. and Ray in back LaVerne, Jacqueline, Ralph in front
A young Benjamin F. Ventura
Laura Zoz Juliana Schlick Zoz William J Zoz Julia Zoz Nagel Joseph J. Zoz Joseph F. Zoz
Julia Schlick Zoz and husband Joseph J. Zoz seated in front with their children Laura, William J., Julia Zoz Nagel, and Joseph F.
William J.. and Sylvia Bennett Zoz's home at 2536 Scotio St Cincinnati Ohio 1930s -1950s