My Ventura Family

VENTURA is my wife Sylvia's paternal line from the Palermo area of Sicily in Italy. Her grandparents, Giovanni (John) VENTURA and Giovanna (Jenni) MUSSO departed from Palermo for New York City in 1904 and 1905 respectively. Giovanni was reportedly born in Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily and his parents were Rosario VENTURA and Maria Rosa SCIMECA. Giovanna was reportedly born in Resultana, Palermo, Sicily and her parents were Bartolomea (Benjamin) MUSSO and Antonina MARRONE. At this time it is not known if grandparents Rosario and Maria Rosa Musa Ventura or Bartolomea Musso ever emigrated from Sicily to the US, but apparently Antonina Marrone Musso did. Research is still underway and we are looking to confirm and document the information we have.

It appears that Sylvia's Great Uncle Vencinzo VENTURA was first to leave Sicily followed by his brother Giovanni (Sylvia's grandfather). Their given names were Americanized; Vencinzo became Vincent (but sometimes Jimmie) and Giovanni became John. Like many Italian families the children were named for parents and grandparents so cousins regularly had similar names. The children's names were also Americanized resulting in a very confusing family to research. Incomplete and unindexed Italian records also present a challenge.

It appears that Vincent Ventura's family remained in the New York City but John moved his family to Cincinnati Ohio about 1913. Vincent and John had other siblings that we are still researching including the youngest brother Peter whose family is still living in Cincinnati.

Descendancy Chart for Guiseppe Ventura

Very interesting short history of conditions during their immigration

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